Adi Shankara - Sankara - Shankaracharya
Collected Writings on Advaita Vedanta
Compiled by Glenn Weiser

Shanakacharya (788 AD ? - 820 AD ?) was a Hindu mystical philosopher who taught that all -God, the universe, and every soul, is one. He developed a branch of Hinduism called Advaita Vedanta, or non-dualism. This school of thought explains that the Divine Reality is "one without a second," and that a person can only have true and lasting happiness by dissolving his or her individual identity in the Universal Mind through spiritual practices. 

As well as being, according to tradition, a self-realized sage, Shankara was also a reformer and an unbeatable polemicist. In his writings he mounted arguments pitting the Vedanta against the five rival Hindu philosophies and also Buddhism, which had at one time been the state religion of India. The country returned to Hinduism largely due to Shankara's efforts.

Here are several of Shankara's works gathered from various sources, as well as a brief biography. - GW


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