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Allan's Irish Fiddler

Chris Peterson's Tunes
Eric Foxley's Music database
The Harp Tunes of Turlough O'Carolan

O'Neill's Music of Ireland - the 1850
O'Neill's Waifs and Strays of Gaelic Melody
The Petrie Collection
Music of J. Scott Skinner
Mandolin Tab.Net (The Session for Mando)
Traditional Music Library.
Richard Robinson's Tunebook

The Oxford Fiddle Group Tunebook
Nigel Gatherer's Traditional Tunes
Ross's Music Page
Playford's Dancing Master - tune list
The 100 Most Recorded Irish Tunes
Old Time Tunes
The Kitchen Musician
Irish Traditional Music Archive

ABC Notation Home Page
Spuds Tunes
Sheffield University Ceilidh Society

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Dennis' Grab Bag of Tunes
Vashon Celtic Players Tunebook
The Virtual Tunebook
Fiddle Tunes from Natalie MacMaster
The Bog Survival Kit-Tunes
Henrik's Traditional Tunes
The Scottish Bagpipe (in French)
The Farne Northeastern UK Archive
Northumbrian Tunes
More Tyneside Tunes
The Blackford Fiddle Group
Old Time Fiddle Tunes
The American Veteran Fifer

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Traditional Songs of the British Isles
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