Traditional Tunebook-
Tools for Woodshedding

Reading Music-
How to read music
How to Read Sheet Music
The Basics Of Reading Music
How to Read Music #2

Reading Music - Tutorial
How to transpose chords to another key

Convert ABC format tunes to standard notation

Reading Music for Guitar
Guitar Fingerboard Chart

Guitar scales in 5 keys
Guitar chords in standard tuning
DADGAD Chord Chart
DADGAD chords (pdf)
Dropped D chords

Dropped D chord chart (pdf)
Orkney Tuning Chord Charts
Backup styles-strumming and bass-chord
Chord diagrams for guitar, banjo, and mandolin
Scales for guitar, banjo, and mandolin
Celtic Guitar Talk

Irish Bouzouki-
Chord Charts
Irish Bouzouki Info
Hans Speek's Irish Bouzouki Page
Bouzouki For Traditional Music
Free Bouzouki Video Lessons
Irish Bouzouki Blog

Tunebook Home 

Irish Tenor Banjo-
Irish Tenor Banjo Fingerboard Chart
Irish Banjo Pages
Irish Tenor Banjo Page by Mickey Keys

Mandolin Fingerboard Chart
Mandolin Chords
Mickey Cochran's online mandolin lessons

Mandolin Lessons at Mandolin Cafe.Com
Scottish Mandolin Tutorial
Mandolin Links
Mandolin Tab.Net (The Session for Mando)

Tin Whistle-
Scales on the D whistle
BBC tin whistle page
The Whistle Annex
How to play the copper pennywhistle
Whistle Tutor
Whistle Tutorial
Feodog Online
How to play the tin whistle
Mick's virtual whistle

Chiff and Fipple

The Fiddle Hangout
David Kaynor's online fiddle course
Fiddle & Banjo Links
National Old Time Fiddlers' Contest
The Fiddler's Companion
Irish Tune Info
Backup Tracks for Fiddle Tunes


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