Set Lists / Byrne and Barrett
Glenn Weiser

Here is the music I perform with Byrne and Barrett.
The St Pat's list is more like the usual pub songs.

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The Dead | Blues | Bluegrass | Guitar Solos

Celtic Music

Tinwhistle and Fingerstyle Guitar-
MacPherson's Lament & Garrett Barry
Down the Brae & Castle Drummond
Down By The Sally Gardens &
   Elizabeth McDermott Roe
Planxty George Brabazon & Carolan's Receipt
Blind Mary & Give Me Your Hand
Lord Inchinquin & Chief O'Neill's Favorite
The Coolin & Planxty Irwin
Limerick's Lamentation & The 100 Pipers
Molly McAlpin & Brian Boru's March
Katie Dwyer & Banish Misfortune
Molly St. George &
Love is a Tormenting Pain

Vocals and Fingerstyle Guitar-
Dainty Davie
When's a Man's in Love He Feels No Pain
The Foggy Dew
Come Under My Plaidie
The Parting Glass
The Shores of Ponchartrain
Willie McBride
The Southwind
The Greenfields of Canada

Harmonica and Guitar-
The Silver Spire & Pigeon on the Gate
Miss McLeods  Reel, Turkies In The Straw
The Kesh Jig, The Clare Jig, & Larry O' Gaff
The Galway Hornpipe & Bryne's Hornpipe
Wellington's Reel & The Flowers of Edinburgh
The Blarney Pilgrim and Kiss the Quaker
Fisher's Hornpipe & The Boys of Bluehill

Bagpipes and Fingerstyle Guitar- 
Lord Lovat's Lament & Bonnie Dundee
The Battle of Waterloo & Garryowen
McCrimmon's Lament & The Atholl Highlanders

St. Pat's Songs-
The Minstrel Boy
Black Velvet Band
Whiskey in the Jar
The Moonshiner
Rosin the Bow
Wearing of the Green
The Unicorn
The Wild Rover
Star of the Co. Down
The Foggy Dew
Lord Franklin
MTA Song


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