Liberal and Progressive Websites
Compiled by Glenn Weiser

I'm a liberal, folks, and if you honestly consider today's politics in the light of government for the good of the many versus the good of the wealthy few, you just might become one, too. You can get better informed on the progressive point of view by checking out the sites in the left hand column below. If you live near Albany, NY, the lower right hand column offers links to state and local activist groups.  G.W.
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Glenn Weiser's Homepage
Mainstream News Outlets

National Indy Media and Progressive Groups -
Air America - Liberal Talk Radio 
Alternative News Sources
Alt. Weeklies.Com
American Civil Liberties Union
The American Prospect
Americans United for the Separation 
of Church and State
Bush Watch
Cafe Progressive
Christian Alliance for Progress- Religious Left
Common Dreams
Democratic National
Democracy Now
Dissident Voice
Greg Palast - Investigative Journalist
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
Evil GOP Bastards
Google Group - Progressive Activism
The Huffington Post
Interhemisperic Resource Center
Michael Moore Online
Move On

The Nation Online
The New Republic
The New Standard - News
People for the American Way 
Public Eye.Org
Religious Right Watch
Theocracy Watch
Tom Paine.common sense
Truth Out   
World Socialist Web Site
Albany, NY, Area Activists and Media - 

ACLU Capital Region Chapter

Activist Resource
Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace
Upper Hudson Peace Action
Democracy for New York - Statewide activists
Grafton Peace Pagoda (Buddhist)
Green Party of New York State
Hudson - Mohawk Independent Media Center
The Ironweed Collective
Metroland - Albany's Alternative Newsweekly
The New York Progressive Network
New York Public Interest Research Group
Progressive, Peace & Justice Calendar- 
-Capital District of NY
Social Justice Center of Albany, NY
Women Against War in Albany, NY


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