Juke And Other Blues Harp Classics
Transcribed by Glenn Weiser

littlew.gif (8437 bytes) Little Walter's "Juke," and some of the other solos are from  my book, Masters of Blues Harp, which is available from this site. However, the system of harmonica indications in the printed version differs somewhat from my original  manuscript versions, which appear here.  These have been provided for educational use only and may not be used for any commercial purpose.- GW

Transcription of Juke from Master's of Blues Harp 

  Here is an explanation of the indications:

Harmonica Indications Legend

  1. S.- Tongue slap.
  2. Trm.-Tremolo with cupped hands.
  3. R.S.-Reverse slap; the players lifts the tongue, sounding a chord ,and then tongue-slaps in the opposite direction.
  4. O.T.-Octave tonguing.
  5. A.T.-Articulated tremolo; the player cups and uncups the hands to create specific rhythms.
  6. Vib.-Throat vibrato
  7. -Semitone note bend
  8. Circled number-draw reed; uncircled number-blow reed. (or upwards arrow-blow, downwards arrow-draw)
  9. Arrow below hole number-half tone bend; arrow with crossbar-whole tone bend; arrow with double crossbar-minor third bend.
  10. T.B.-tongue blocking position; L.B.-lip blocking position.
  11. Comma-Articulated tonguing with the syllable "ta."
  12. Letters-chord symbols.
  13. H.S.-Head shake (trill).
  14. Dot ( )-Staccato tonguing
  15. L-Lift the tongue from the harmonica to open a chord.

These are large graphics files, so please wait for them to download.
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