Celtic Harp Discography
By Glenn Weiser

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This short discography of traditional harp recordings is based on the one from my book "Celtic Harp Music of Carolan and Others for Solo Guitar."
The albums listed include many tunes that were originally composed for harp.
I'll be adding to this list periodically, so do return..

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About Turlough O'Carolan

Celtic fingerstyle guitar books by Glenn Weiser

Patrick Ball-
The Music of Turlough O' Carolan.

Patrick Ball - O'Carolan's Dream.
Fortuna 17601

Patrick Ball-Secret Isles.
Fortuna 17029

Derek Bell-Ancient Music for the Irish Harp
Claddagh 59 CD

Derek Bell- Caron's Favorite.
Shanachie 79020

Derek Bell-Carolan's Reciept.
Shanachie 79013

Derek Bell-Derek Bell's Musical Ireland.

Robin Huw Bowen-The Sweet Harp of My Land
Flying Fish FF70610

Maire Ni Chathasigh-The New Strung Harp
Temple 019

(All the recordings of the Cheiftans starting with their fourth album include Derek Bell's harp, so I haven't listed them all.)

The Chieftans-The Celtic Harp
RCA Victor 09026-61490-2

Charles Guard-Avenging and Bright
Shanachie 79014

Ann Heyman-Ann's Harp
Clairseach 2381

Ann Heyman-Let Erin Remember
Clairseach  8971

Ann Heyman-Queen of Harps
Temple COMD2057

Ann Heyman and Alison Kinniard-
The Harper's Land
Temple 013

Wiliam Jackson-Heart Music
Iona 010

Alison Kinnaird-The Scottish Harp
Temple COMD 2005

Alison Kinnaird & Christine Primrose-
The Quiet Tradition
Temple COMD 2041

Alan Stivell-Rennaisance of the Celtic Harp
Rounder 3067

Robin Williamson-Legacy of the Scottish Harpers,
Vols. 1 & 2
Flying Fish 358, 390

Grainne Yeats-The Belfast Harp Festival
Gael Linn 053/054

Celtic Harp Music of Carolan and Others for Solo Guitar
A book of fingerstyle guitar arrangements by Glenn Weiser:

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