Modern Blues Harmonica Masters

A Short Discography 
by Glenn Weiser 

               Kim Wilson

Here's a short list of recordings by major blues harp players  from about 1980 to the present, updated periodically. - GW

Country Blues and Blues Harp Pages by Glenn Weiser
Glenn Weiser's Harmonica Pages
Masters of the Blues Harp - new transcription book by Glenn

Carey Bell-
The Blues Harp of Carey Bell - Delmark 
The London Sessions (Muddy Waters)- Chess
Good Luck Man- Alligator
Deep Down- Alligator
Walter Horton with Carey Bell -Alligator

William Clarke-
Tip of the Top -Kinga1063
Blowin Like Hell- Alligator
The Hard Way - Alligator
Groove Time - Alligator
Serious Intentions - Alligator
William Clarke Deluxe Edition - Alligator

Paul DeLay -
Ocean of Tears - Evidence
Take It from the Turnaround - Evidence
Nice & Strong - Evidence
DeLay Does Chicago- Evidence
Heavy Rotation - Evidence

Rick Estrin (Little Charlie and the Nightcats) -
All The Way Crazy - Alligator 
Disturbing The Peace- Alligator 
The Big Break  - Alligator 
Captured Live - Alligator 
Night Vision - Alligator 
Straight Up! - Alligator 
Deluxe Edition -- Alligator 
That's Big - Alligator

Dennis Gruenling-
Jump Time!! (Backbender701)
Up All Night (Backbender702)
That's Right! (Backbender703) 

Steve Guyger
Steve Guyger - Live At The Dinosaur BBQ- Horseplay Records 
Last Train To Dover-Blues Leaf Records 
Past Life Blues-Severn Records 
Paul Oscher & Steve Guyger: Living Legends - Bluesleaf Records 

James Harman -
Mo' Napkins, Please -Cannonball
Extra Napkins - Cannonball 
Takin' Chances - Cannonball 

Mark Hummel-
Married To The Blues (Ff647)
Feel Like Rockin' (Ff70634)
Harmonica Party (Mtn4002)
Heart Of Chicago (Tc1158)
Low Down To Uptown (Tc1169)
Blues Harp Meltdown (Mtn101)

Michael Peloquin
House of Cards - Globe 

Rod Piazza -
Tough And Tender - Tone Cool Records
Vintage Live in '75 - Tone Cool Records
Hear and Now - Tone Cool Records

Jerry Portnoy-
Down in the Mood Room- Tiny Town
Home Run Hitter- Indigo
Poison Kisses - Modern Blues
From the Cradle (Eric Clapton) - Reprise
King Bee (Muddy Waters) - CBS

Gary Primich-
Botheration - Black Top Records
Company Man - Black Top Records 
Mr. Freeze -Flying Fish Records
Travelin' Mood - Flying Fish Records
My Pleasure - Amazing Records 1992

Kim Wilson-
Luedella (Jimmy Rogers)- Antone's
My Blues - Blue Collar Music
Smokin' Joint - MC Records
Tiger Man - Antone's
That's Life - Antone's

James "Sugar Blue" Whiting-
In Your Eyes - Alligator
Blue Blazes - Alligator


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