Celtic and Old Timey Harmonica Discography
by Glenn Weiser

squareknot1.GIF (5398 bytes) The following is a list of selected Celtic harmonica recordings.  Artists wishing to have their releases mentioned on this page may send a copy to me at PO Box 2551, Albany, NY, 12220, or contact me at celticguitar1@nycap.rr.com.  
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A Celtic harmonica discography by Don Meade can be found here.
Celtic Harmonica 

Donald Black
West Wind-Green Trax  CD 09
Close to Home - Skye 15

Tommy Basker
The Tin Sandwich-Paddledoo PAD 208

Eddie Clarke and Joe Ryan
Crossroads-Green Linnet GL 1030

Randal Bays and Joel Bernstein
The Rashers - (Foxglove Records, P.O. Box 5262, Portland, OR, 97208).

Randal Bays, Nancy Curtin, Tom Creegan and Joel Bernstein
The Travelers Return 
Wind on the Water
(Foxglove Records, P.O. Box 5262, Portland, OR, 97208).

The Flanagan Brothers
Around the Old Turf Fire
(volume 4 of the Library of Congress' "Folk Music in America," recorded 1928)

Sean Corcoran, Eddie Clarke, Maeve Donnelly, and Mairead Ni Dhomhnaill
Sailing into Walpole's Marsh-Green Linnet GL 1004

Phil, Pip, and John Murphy
The Trip to Cullenstown-Claddagh CC55CD.

Kevin Burke (with the Murphy family)
Up Close-Green Linnet GL 1052.

Kevin Burke, Mark Graham,
and Paul Kotapish

Open House -Green Linnet GL1122
Open House-Second Story-Green Linnet GL1144

Bruno Kowalczyk
C'est Pas D'Allure BK001
C'est Pas Pire BK002

Brendan Power
New Irish Harmonica-Green Linnet  GL 3098.
Brendan Power Plays Music From "Riverdance."- Green Trax CD 135
Blow In-Hummingbird HB CD 3338
Jig Jazz-(with Frank Killkelly)
Power and Killkelly PKCD 00

Jean Sabot - Loars Dacquay
Coop - Breizh 915

Steve Shaw-
Blowing Through the Reeds

James Thurgood
Handy Little Rig - Dogface Records

Old Timey

Tony Eyers -Black Mountain Harmonica

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