Celtic Guitar
By Glenn Weiser- Review

The following review of my new book, Celtic Guitar, recently appeared on Paul Kucharski's Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar website- GW
"Celtic Guitar" 
Glenn Weiser, 2000 Warner Bros. Publications

"Glenn Weiser has released a new Celtic book with an included CD...and a great new book it is. This book/CD set is part of the Warner Bros. "Acoustic Master" series and is a great sampling of Celtic arrangements in standard, dropped D, and DADGAD tunings. Glenn's playing on the CD is excellent and it's enjoyable to listen to all by itself.

"One of the things different with this book over Glenn's others is that this one is the first to include arrangements in DADGAD. There are 40 tunes in the book, and except for the 6 tunes in DADGAD, they are about 50% standard tuning and 50% dropped-D. As shown in the tune
list below (on his website, Paul has a drop-down list of the tunes-GW), the book is organized into categories. 

"One thing you should take note of is that the tunes on the CD are organized in the order they appear in the book, but the Table of Contents and Index are not and no cross reference was provided. So you will need to take a few minutes to mark the tunes and the Index with the CD track numbers. The tune list below is listed in the order they appear on the CD.

"If you love to play Celtic tunes but have struggled to learn them because you didn't know how they're suppose to sound, the included CD should help greatly in climbing the learning curve and have you playing in this wonderful style in no time." - Paul Kucharski

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