Celtic Guitar Discography
By Glenn Weiser

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The following list is divided between recordings of solo fingerstyle guitar, classical guitar, and those featuring guitar as an accompanying  instrument in DADGAD tuning. I'll be adding to this page as I go along.  I am also working on a Celtic fingerstyle CD of my own.-GW.

Free Celtic fingerstyle guitar arrangements
Glenn's Celtic fingerstyle guitar books

Solo Fingerstyle Guitar

Dan Ar Bras-
Acoustic-Green Linnet 3035
Music For the Silences to Come-Green Linnet
Irish Jigs, Reels, Airs, and Hornpipes-Shanachie 97011

Duck Baker-
The Salutation-Kicking Mule 399

Pierre Bensusan-
Musiques-Lost Lake arts LL0092
Spices-CBS BFM-42665
Solilai-RCA PL37642

Robin Bullock-
Green Fields-Dorian 80112.

Martin Carthy-
Out of the Cut-Rounder 3075
Right of Passage-Topic 452
Life & Limb (with fiddler Dave Swarbrick)-GREEL 3052

William Coulter-
Celtic Crossing-Gourd Music 121

Tony Cuffe-
When First I Came To Caledonia-Iona 011

Dick Gaughan-
Coppers and Brass-Green Linnet

Davey Graham-
Dance For Two People-Kicking Mule KM 161
The Complete Guitarist-Kicking Mule KM138

Bert Jansch
Lucky 13
Sketches (TEMP 2035)
The Best of Bert Jansch (Shanachie 99004)

Al Pettaway-
Whispering Stones-Maggie's Music

Martin Simpson-
Leaves of Life-Shanachie 97008 |
When I was on Horseback-Shanachie 97016

Daithi Sproul-
A Heart Made of Glass-Green Linnet 1123

John Renbourn-
Traveller's Prayer-Shanachie 78018
The Nine Maidens-Flying Fish 378
The Black Balloon-Shanachie 97009
The Enchanted Garden -Shanachie 70974
The Hermit-Shanachie 97014
Ship of Fools (Group) (Flying Fish FF70466)

Various Artists-
Music of Ireland-Shanachie 97004
(Davey Graham, Martin Simpson, Stefan Grossman, John Renbourn, and Duck Baker).

Irish Reels Jigs, Airs & Hornpipes-
Shanachie 97011
( Duck Baker, Dave Evans and Dan Ar Bras.)

Ramble to Cashel-Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar
Vol I-Rounder
(Martin Simpson, Steve Baughman, Pierre Bensusan, Duck Baker, Tom Long, Pat Kirtley and El McMeen).

The Blarney Pilgrim-Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Vol  II.-Rounder 
(Martin Simpson, Steve Baughman, Pierre Bensusan, Duck Baker, Tom Long, Pat Kirtley und El McMeen)

Classical Guitar

Pascal Bournet-
O' Carolan's Compositions-Mandala 4966
Celebrating O' Carolan - Mandala 5026

Back-Up Guitar

Paul Brady-
Andy Irvine/Paul Brady-Green Linnet 3006
Matt Molloy/Tommy Peoples/Paul Brady-
Green Linnett 3018

Tommy Peoples/Paul Brady
The High Part of the Road-Shanachie 29003
Welcome Here Kind Stranger-
Green Linnet 3015

Arty McGlynn-
Contentment Is Wealth-Green Linnet 1058
(With Matt Molloy and Sean Keane)
Stoney Steps-Green Linnet 3041

Micheal Ni Domhnail-
Portland-Green Linnet 1041
(With Kevin Burke)

Promenade-Green Linnet 3010
(With Kevin Burke)

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