Anthologies with Glenn Weiser

I've written ten instructional articles for Acoustic Guitar magazine over the last decade. One piece, a lesson on how to play double-stop fiddle licks on guitar with the music examples played by me on the accompanying CD, is included in the first anthology published by the magazine, Private Lessons - Volume 1.
    Acoustic Guitar also has a blues lesson book/CD, entitled
Acoustic Blues Guitar Essentials, which contains two articles of mine - a piece on playing chords up the neck, and another on string bending. Information about the books is below.- GW     
Other books by Glenn Weiser                                                       
"This comprehensive study guide and two-CD package contains 24 lessons and how-to articles published in Acoustic Guitar magazine during 1997, recorded and played by the authors, including David Hamburger, Dix Bruce, Dylan Schorer, Dan Crary, and Dale Miller. The book also features 12 full songs to play. You'll learn everything from basic techniques such as hammer-ons and pull-offs to more advanced moves such as double-stop fiddle licks, Celtic flatpicking, and Texas swing." - AG.
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    Acoustic Blues 
Guitar Essentials

"This new book-and-CD package offers ten in-depth lessons for players of all levels, taught and recorded by the master teachers of Acoustic Guitar magazine. The book is divided into four sections: Rhythm, Lead, Fingerpicking, and Slide. Start with Mike Christiansen’s concise explanation of chord accompaniment and Dylan Schorer’s crunchy rhythm and bass lines. Put some "wail" into your music as you bend strings with Glenn Weiser. Join the Society of the Big Thumb while learning to fingerpick with Kenny Sultan. And log onto Dale Miller’s guide to selecting and setting up a guitar for slide. In addition to these great lessons and tips, you’ll also get six complete songs to play."-AG

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Glenn Weiser
Mail: Box 2551, Albany, NY, 12220. 


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