Sing Out! Magazine Harmonica Columns
 by Glenn Weiser  1989 - 2013

From 1989-2014 I wrote instructional columns, called "teach-ins," for the folk music journal Sing Out! These covered blues, country music, folk songs, fiddle tunes, Celtic music, and more. I've posted them here in PDF format. Enjoy and learn.

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Winter 1989 - Fiddle Tunes: Rakes of Mallow

Spring 1998 - The Jig: Gallagher's Frolic

Fall 1998 - The Hornpipe: Alexander's Hornpipe

Spring 1990 - The Tremolo: Blind Mary by O'Carolan

Spring 1991 - Accentuation of the Beat in Fiddle Tunes: The Eighth of January & Rock the Cradle Joe

Spring 1992- Tongue Blocking Fiddle Tunes:
Spotted Pony

Spring 1994 - Pucker Style Basics: Jacob's Ladder

Summer 1994 - Introducing Blues Harp: Cross My Harp

Fall 1994 - Wide Jumps: The Old Folks at Home

Winter 1995 - The Harmonica's Note Layout: Billy Boy

Spring 1995 - Blues Note Bending: Big Bend Blues

Summer 1995 - Blues Tongue Blocking:
Slaphappy Blues:

Fall 1995 - 16th Notes: A Mozart Aria for Harmonica

Winter 1996 - Rack-Mounted Harp: Jesse James

Summer 1996 - The Headshake: Use Your Head

Fall 1996 - Playing Backup: The Water is Wide

Winter 1997- First Position Blues: Try a New Position

Spring 1997- The Waltz: The Old Country Waltz

Fall 1997 - Blues Harp Special Effects

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Winter 1997 - Modal Music: Pigeon on the Gate

Spring 1998 - Third Position: St. James Infirmary

Fall 1998 - The 12-Hole Marine Band: Danny Boy

Summer 1999 - Train Sounds

Fall 1999 - Big Walter Horton, Pt. 1: Big Walter's Boogie

Spring 2000 - Sonny Terry: That Good Old Jelly Roll

Spring 2001- Big Walter Horton, Pt. 2: Careless Love

Summer 2001 - Little Walter Jacobs: 44 Blues

Winter 2002 - Honeyboy Edwards: Wind Howlin' Blues

Summer 2002 - Cowboy Harmonica: The Colorado Trail

Fall 2003 - Sonny Boy Williamson II: Mighty Long Time

Spring 2004 - The Reverse Slap: Swing Low,
Sweet Chariot

Spring 2006 - Note Bending in Fiddle Tunes:
Mississippi Sawyer, Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss

Fall 2006 - Eight-Bar Blues: Behind the 8-Ball

Spring 2008 - The Irish Polka: Dennis Murphy's Polka, John Ryan's Polka

Summer 2008 - The Strathspey: Banks of Spey

Winter 2011 - Fiddle Style Breaks:
Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Winter 2013 - Country Ragtime Harmonica-
Ain't No Use in Working So Hard

Index of Instructional Harmonica Columns
by Glenn for Sing Out! Magazine

All articles copyright 2012 Glenn Weiser. All rights reserved.


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