Masters of the Blues Harp
21 Solos Transcribed by Glenn Weiser
Foreword by Charlie Musselwhite

Below is Charlie Musselwhite's foreword to my book, Masters of the Blues Harp, a collection of 21 note for note transcriptions of  classic blues harmonica solos by Little Walter, Walter Horton, Sonny Terry, Paul Butterfield and others.

-Glenn Weiser
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This is a VERY cool book. About the coolest harp instruction book I've ever read. Whether you're just beginning or already well on your way to mastering blues harp, you'll love this book.

You will find a great variety of styles by well-known artists that will round out your knowledge of blues harp. Their techniques are explained and represented in the written music and tablature, which are easy to read and comprehend. I don't know of another book that covers tongue blocking so thoroughly. And tongue blocking is pretty important in playing blues.

Having the actual solos from recordings written out this way allows you to follow with your eyes what your ears are hearing. This is a great way to learn. All the guesswork is taken out; it's ALL HERE. Everything you need to know to really get down to business and tackle playing blues with authority is RIGHT HERE.

You also get interesting and informative biographies of the players, which is good, because it gives you an insight into both the creators and current performers of this music.

Good luck, and let it be fun.

Charlie Musselwhite
Sonoma County, California.
May 2000


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