Leaders of  the 1960's Counterculture I've Seen or Met
by Glenn Weiser

John Lennon - ex Beatle
(seen greeting a concert audience in NYC)

Jerry Garcia - Lead guitarist, Grateful Dead
(crossed paths at an Albany, NY gas station, plus shows)
Photo Jon Sievert

Abbie Hoffman - Yippie leader
(seen at the Nov 1969 DC antiwar march)

Jerry Rubin -Yippie leader
(seen at the Nov 1969 DC antiwar march)

Allen Ginsberg - Beatnik poet
(Met him in the home of his parents in Paterson, NJ)
Photo protrait- Steve Gaskin
Steven Gaskin - Hippie philosopher
("St. Steven" of Grateful Dead fame)-
(I attended his famous Monday Class in San Francisco in 1970) Photo Robert Altman

Dr. Richard Alpert, aka Ram Dass - Holy man
(Shake and howdy in Albany, NY)
Photo Robert Altman

Tim Leary -LSD pioneer
(Seen speaking at a college in Albany, NY)

Ed Sanders (Poetry Reading, Albany, NY)

Wavy Gravy, former Merry Prankster
(Nobody for President, 1988 Albany NY campaign stop)

Jimi Hendrix (seen at Woodstock 1969)

Janis Joplin (seen at Woodstock 1969. As a 17 year old kid with raging hormones, I was burning to do her. Never did, though - Death got her before I could.)

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