Woodstock 1969 Bibliography
By Glenn Weiser

Here is a short list of books about Woodstock and the late 1960s. You can also out check my links page for more information. - G.W.  Email me: banjoandguitar100@yahoo.com

Woodstock Festival Remembered; Jean Young and Michael Lang
Ballentine Books, 1979. 178pp. ISBN: 0-345-28003-2

Taking Woodstock; Elliot Tiber with Tom Monte
Square One Publishers, 2009. ISBN: 978-0-7570-0333-2.

Woodstock: The Summer of Our Lives; Joel Curry, 1989

Woodstock: An Encyclopedia of the Music and Art Fair. James E. Perone.
Greenwood Publishing Group, 2005. 248pp. ISBN-13: 9780313330575

Woodstock: The Oral History (book and and cassettes); Joel Makower 
Dolphin/Double Day 1989 ISBN: 0-385-24716-8 --- ISBN: 0-385-24717-6(pbk)

Woodstock 1969 - The First Festival; Elliott Landy
Square Books, 1994 144pp. ISBN: 0-916290-74-3

Elliot Landy's Woodstock Vision - The Spirit of a Generation; Elliott Landy
LandyVision, 1994 128pp. ISBN: 0-9625073-4-2 (pbk.)

Knock On Woodstock; Elliot Tiber
Festival Books, 1994 267pp.ISBN: 0-9641806-1-8

I Want To Take You Higher - The Psychedelic Era 1965 - 1969 (The Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame and Museum); Edited by James Henke and Parke Puterbaugh,
Essays by Charles Perry and Barry Miles, Chronicle Books
ISBN: 0-8118-1700-8 (pbk) ISBN:0-8118-1725-3 (hc)

Aquarius Uprising; Robert Santelli, 
Delta Publishing 1980 ISBN: 0-0440-50956-4

The Sixties; Lynda Rosen Obst and Robert Kingsbury
Random House/Rolling Stone 1977 317pp. ISBN: 0-394-40687-1 ISBN: 0-394-73239-1(pbk.) 

Woodstock: An Inside Look at the Movie That Shook up the World and Defined a
Dale W. Bell. Foreword by Martin Scorsese. ISBN: 094118871X

Max Said Yes! -The Woodstock Story. Abigail Yasgur and Joseph Lipner
Change the Universe Press, 2009. 32 pp. ISBN: 978-0-6152-1144-2. Children's book.

Anatomy of Woodstock. Esther Frances. Pub. Esther Frances, Woodstock, NY, 1994. 126 pp.
(The astrological / New Age lowdown on the 1969 festival and its lucky stars).

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