Resources for Music Students
                    Glenn Weiser
Below are links to useful files and Web sites for music students. These include chord charts, music and tab reading guides, theory pages, scales, practice tips, tutorials for several instruments, and contact info for music stores, recording studios, and instrument repairmen in the Albany, New York area where I teach private lessons on guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, and fiddle.
Glenn's lesson sheets-chords
Guitar Backing Tracks
Intro to reading guitar music
How to read tablature (tab)
How to transpose chords
Glenn's rock tab list
Links to lyric/chord sheets
Glenn Weiser's practice tips
Guitar tab sites
How to play 12-bar blues

Online songwriting course

The Circle of Fifths
Time values and scale types
Time signatures
Chord and scale construction
Inversions and intervals
Online music theory course
More music theory links

How to read music

How to read music
How to read sheet music
The basics of reading music
How to read music #2

Reading music - tutorial
The Major Scale in 12 Keys
Chord construction
Scale & mode construction
Arpeggio theory chart
Chord-scale relationships
Online Celtic Tunebook
Musica Viva
Free Sheet Music Directory
Guitar Links
Tune Your Guitar
E-Z Folk tutorials
Online Acoustic Backup Band resource
Free Uke Sheet Music, etc.
Ukulele fingerboard chart
Ukulele chord charts
Blues rhythm guitar, Part I 
Blues lead guitar Part 1

Guitar arpeggios

Guitar fingerboard chart-
Bass guitar fingerboard chart
How to tune your guitar
Learn 1,000 songs on guitar in 30 minutes
More Scales and chords
Online Guitar Tuner

Online Metronome
Guitar scales in 5 keys
Guitar chords-standard tuning
Another guitar chord chart
Yet another guitar chord chart
1200 guitar chords (pdf)
Mandolin Chords
Mandolin Fingerboard Chart
Chord diagrams for guitar, banjo, and mandolin
Scales for guitar, banjo, and mandolin
Fretboard Diagram Printer
Banjo Fingerboard Chart
Banjo chords in G-basic
Banjo chords in G-advanced
Love to sing

Guide to Fiddle Skill Levels
A Singer's Blog-Training Tips
Virtual Singing Conservatory
Free Singing Lessons

Free Singing Tips
Bluegrass Jamming Pointers
Vocal Links at MusicMoz
Vocal Links at MusicMoz
Taking Care of Your Voice
How to sing
How to sing II
How to sing III
Online Singing Lessons
Automatic Music Transposer
Blank music paper-treble clef
Blank music paper-bass clef
Blank music paper-no clef
Blank guitar tab paper
Blank chord diagram sheet
Hans Speek's DADGAD Pages
Dropped D tuning chords

Slide guitar lesson by Glenn from Acoustic Guitar
Backup styles
Chord diagrams for guitar, banjo, and mandolin
Scales for guitar, banjo, and mandolin
Banjo Lessons at the Banjo Hangout
Mandolin Chords
Mandolin Lessons at Mandolin Cafe.Com
Mickey Cochran's online mandolin lessons
Learn to Play the Fiddle

Online Fiddle Course
Old-Time banjo tutorial

Free bluegrass tab-guitar, banjo, mando, dobro
Free Music Software Online
Free Sheet Music Web Ring

Sheet Music Consortium
Folk Tune Finder

Open Directory Links - Instruments


Open Directory Links -  Music Styles


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