Music Lesson Policy                                                        Glenn Weiser, Instructor
                       The Banjo & Guitar Studio

          Here is an explanation of my lesson policy and other information about my lessons.

  1. Payment. My rates are $100 for four private half-hour lessons in both Southwick MA and Newington CT. Fees are due on the first lesson of each four-week period and are nonrefundable. All lessons must be paid for whether attended or not, with the exception of two weeks allowed off or summer vacations. Makeup lessons are possible under certain conditions (see part 3).
  2. Scheduling. Most students  prefer a fixed time every week, but if your work/school hours vary I can usually accommodate that. If you need to change your regular lesson time I will try to accommodate that as well.
  3. Cancellations and makeup lessons. In the case of cancellations with at least 24 hours advance notice (call me at 413-455-9215) to cancel, not the store in which you take lessons), makeup lessons are possible. If I have an opening in my schedule at a time you can make, then you may have a makeup lesson. If you canít make any of the times I have open or if my schedule is full, then I still have to charge. My schedule is online here: Current openings
  1. Materials-bring your guitar and all books/lesson sheets to your lessons. If you have an electric guitar, you do not need to bring an amp. I also advise bringing a book of blank music paper in which I can write. I have a sound recorder on my laptop so I can record the songs/exercises you will be practicing. Having audio examples will help your progress.
  1. Direction. Lessons can go in many directions, so please make sure I understand what your musical goals are. Some students want to learn their favorite songs, while others want a progressively graded course covering music reading, theory, improvisational skills, etc. I try to tailor my approach to the individual as much as possible.
  1. Practice. Thereís no way around it-to learn an instrument, you have to practice it. 30 minutes daily is the minimum you will need to progress; more is better.

If you have questions about any of the above, feel free to ask me.   - Glenn Weiser

P.O. Box 539, Southwick MA
Cell: 413-455-9215

The Banjo and Guitar Studio, Southwick, MA


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