Lies - and the Lying Hypocrites 
Who Leave Them on Their Web Sites
By Glenn Weiser
Metroland - January 15, 2004

Nowhere does it seem truer that nice guys finish last than in politics. Last week, the progressive activist group got slammed in the media for including two ads comparing George W. Bush to Adolph Hitler on its popular Web site. The commercials, it turned out, had not been created by MoveOn, but were instead two out of approximately 1,500 submitted by freelance filmmakers for a contest of 30-second anti-Bush political spots. Under sharp criticism, Wes Boyd, one of the organization’s founders, apologized, explaining that the ads, which were removed from the Web site, had slipped through MoveOn’s screening process. But this hasn’t muted the right-wing outcry.

About a month earlier, however, the author William Rivers Pitt pointed out on the Web page Liberal Slant ( that President Bush’s disproven claim from last year’s State of the Union speech that Saddam Hussein had attempted to obtain uranium from Niger was still posted on the White House Web site. Sure enough, a recent visit to the site by this writer confirmed Pitt’s report. The Web page contains the following statement: “He (Hussein) recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa, according to the British Government.” The mainstream media, so quick to pounce on MoveOn, have yet to pick up Pitt’s story.

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 ©2004 by Glenn Weiser. All rights reserved.


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