The Little Walter Transcriptions by Glenn Weiser
Now available for private study with Glenn via Skype

littlew.gif (8437 bytes) Below is a list of my transcriptions Little Walter's classic blues harmonica solos of 1950-1960. These 75 transcriptions (except for the 4 that are published in my book "Masters of the Blues Harp") are available only to private students who wish to study them with me on Skype or at either of my studio locations in Western Mass or Connecticut. They are not for sale. These are highly accurate transcriptions that include standard notation in the original key, harmonica tab, and guitar chords.
       Little Walter is widely considered the greatest blues harp player ever, so if you want to learn the Chicago style harmonica that he and others made famous, you can do no better than to study these solos.
       I am the author of three harmonica books, and I also was the longtime harmonica columnist for the folk journal Sing Out! magazine. I have over 30 years of teaching experience as well.
       Email me at for my rates and open time slots for lessons.

I. Songs recorded by Muddy Waters with Little Walter accompanying.

1. Louisiana Blues
2. Walking Through the Park
3. Gone To Main Street
4. Baby Please Don't Go
5. 40 Days and 40 Nights
6. Gal You Gotta watch
7. Lonesome Day
8. I'm Your Doctor
9. Evans Shuffle
10. Gonna Need My Help
11. Too Young To Know
12. She's Got It
13. Just To Be With You
14. I Want You To Love Me
15. Trouble No More
16. Young Fashioned Ways
17. Landlady
18. Nineteen Years Old
19. Early In the Morning
20. She Moves Me

II. Songs recorded by John Brim with Little Walter accompanying.

1. You Got Me
2. Rattlesnake
3. Be Careful
4. Ice Cream Man

III. Songs recorded by Johnny Young on the Testament LP "Johnny Young and His Friends"  with Little Walter accompanying

1. I'm Leaving, Baby
2. Forty-Four Blues

IV. Songs from the Chess CD "Chicago Bound" by Jimmy Rogers

1. You’re The One
2. Luedella
3. Act Like You Love Me
4. Sloppy Drunk
5. Goin' Away Baby
6. Chicago Bound

*Published in "Masters of the Blues Harp"
Free sample from Sing Out!, Summer 2001 -  44 Blues

V. Songs recorded by Little Walter under his own name.

1. Key To The Highway
2. Blues With A Feeling
3. Mellow Down Easy
4. Hate To See You Go
5. I Keep Lovin’ Her
6. Boll Weevil
7. Red-Headed Woman
8. Rollin and Tumblin Part II
9. It Ain’t Right
10. Juke*
11. Off The Wall
12. My Babe
13. Sad Hours*
14. You’re So Fine
15. Just Your Fool
16. Back Track
17. I Got To Go
I8. Shake Dancer
19. Too Late
20. Ah’w Baby
21. Last Night
22. Tell Me Mama
23. Dead Presidents
24, Blue Midnight
25. I Don't Play
26. Boogie
27. Me and My Piney Brown
28. Break It Up
29. I Had My Fun
30. Rocker*
31. I Got To Find My Baby
32. One More Chance
33. Crazy Legs
34. Quarter To Twelve
35. Confessing The Blues
36. Rock Bottom
37. Mean Old Frisco
38. Temperature
39. Just A Feeling
40. My Baby Is Sweeter  
41. Who
42. Quarter to Twelve
43. Blue Light*

VI. Song recorded on The Chess LP "Drop Down Mama"  by Floyd Jones with Little-Walter accompanying.

1. Playhouse


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